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Dipharma has made substantial investments to better preserve the environment.

Air emissions
In all our sites, off-gases are conveyed to scrubbers for neutralization. A further treatment using activated carbons, cryogenic condensation, regenerative thermal oxidation, or incineration is also performed as appropriate.

Wastewaters and Liquid wastes
Our Italian operations apply a chemical-physical and biological treatment to the wastewaters. Some of the wastes containing solvents are incinerated on-site, and the heat generated is used to cover part of our steam requirements, thus reducing our consumption of energy.

Solid wastes
Solid wastes are transferred to authorised waste disposal companies. Where applicable, solid wastes are recycled.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Dipharma has made several investments aimed at reducing its energy consumption such as:
- new high performance cogeneration plant
- thermal insulation of the buildings
- substitution of low-efficiency electric equipment
- hybrid as well as fully electric company cars
- solar-powered charging station for electric company cars and   employees’vehicles
- solar thermal panels (water heaters)