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Personal Development



We believe that our employees are the key to our success.
For this reason, we place great importance on personal development and training. Operating in a highly technical and dynamic environment, it is essential that our staff are both qualified and up-to-date as regards the most recent developments.
The company supports each of our employees as they work to turn their aspirations into reality. Our aim is to develop their abilities and potential so they can continue to grow on both a personal and professional level.

Training and development
For us, the importance of personal development and on-the-job training cannot be stressed enough. Our management and personal development policy focuses on the training and growth of our staff, beginning when they join us through the evolution into a successful career path.

New employees are closely shadowed as they become familiar with the company and, following the initial training phase, periodically take part in training courses designed to update their technical knowledge or develop other skills that enable them to carry out their roles with greater efficiency and expertise.

Training courses held in-house or in association with external training companies ensure that employees will be able to benefit from professional updating.

Our researchers also frequently attend conferences and seminars, both in Italy and overseas, to ensure they remain up to speed with the latest scientific developments.

Also essential is the requalification of plant operators, who undergo specific training to strengthen their skills and expertise.