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Career profiles


The areas of our company for which we most frequently seek new staff are:

    • Production
            Our production staff is dynamic, reliable, and keen to keep learning and
            developing their skills. Candidates must be willing to work in three shifts.

            The most common vacancies are for

            •   Qualified chemists, with or without previous experience in the role.
                 They work in the production area and will   follow a career path within
                 our plants.
            •   Factory workers with significant production experience in the
                chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

    • Quality Control
            For high-school graduates in chemistry or  chemistry/biology lab
            technicians, the position of laboratory technician is a highly rewarding
            professional choice. As well as being flexible and proactive, our
            laboratory technicians  also  work in a two shift system.

    • Quality Assurance
            The Quality Assurance office coordinates all services and departments
            involved in the manufacturing process to guarantee that the Quality
            system is efficient, verified and suitably documented.
            For this department we look for graduates in pharmacy or chemistry
            and pharmaceutical technologies with a good grasp of English, who are
            interested in a career path that will provide them with a comprehensive
            understanding of all company processes.

    • Research and Development
            For the research and development of new processes we preferably seek
            chemists (specialised in organic chemistry) with outstanding results in
            their degree course.
            Some positions require specific and significant experience in university
            research and the publication of work.
            Our researchers carry out their work with passion and determination,
            are proactive, enjoy working as part of a team, and speak fluent English.