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Company overview

With 3 cGMP plants, 500 employees and a portfolio of about 50 high quality products, Dipharma is one of the major European producers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, serving a large base of pharmaceutical companies all around the world.

•   70 years of experience in handling complex and hazardous
    chemical processes safely
•  Expertise in nitration, nitroesterification, high pressure hydrogenation and
•  Strategic partnership with BIAZZI, world leader in nitration and complex
    hydrogenation technologies

•  All of our plants are regularly inspected by US FDA and European Agencies
•  First inspection by US FDA in 1970
•  Internal Intellectual Property department to monitor IP situation and
   developments to ensure strict respect of third-party patents

•  More than 200 patents or patent applications filed
•  State-of-the-art laboratories and more than 40 experienced researchers in
    R&D, reinforced by ongoing collaborations with university research institutes
•  Our patented innovative synthetic routes supported many of our clients'
    successful early product launches