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About Dipharma

Dipharma’s experience, gained over almost 60 years, is a key factor in Dipharma being recognized as one of the  of experience the major European player in the field of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients.
Indeed, Dipharma was originally manufacturer of civil explosives and Pharmaceuticals Active Ingredients for vasodilatators and is operating since 1949 in Mereto di Tomba (UD) plant.
With four FDA inspected plants (three in Italy and one in Malta), 500 employees, Dipharma is committed to the highest levels of service, cGMP quality standards and offers about 70 different products and customs synthesis.

If the production of explosive was then discontinued, the in-dept knowledge on how to handle complex and hazardous process whilst fully respecting leading standards of safety and environmental care, the capabilities to offer “the good product, the first time” and the commitment to Research and Innovation are still benefiting from almost 60 years experience and that combination of experience and skills are the key of Dipharma’s success today: Experience in Innovation

Our products are sold worldwide to meet the most stringent requirements of customers and health authorities.

Dipharma can count on a solid R&D group focused on the development of proprietary and patentable chemical synthesis methods for new generic APIs, backed-up by an internal Intellectual Property department, an XRD dedicated team for polymorphism studies, as well as stable collaborations and partnerships with university research institutes.
With almost 60 years of experience in handling complex and hazardous chemical processes, such as Nitration, Nitroesterification, High pressure hydrogenation, Azidation etc., Dipharma also offers custom synthesis capabilities in full respect of safety and environmental care principles. Modern laboratory equipments, two pilot plants and considerable scale up and production capacity, both in Italy and in Malta, contribute to provide attentive technical and regulatory support to its customers, from early validation to commercial supply.